About Nordic House

The Nordic House offers imported and handmade Scandinavian goods throughout the United States. We are in business since 1962, providing homemade specialty meats in addition to our imported goods. We also offer jams, cheeses, chocolates, pickled items, and other imported products in our store.

Nordic House

Family-owned Business

Peter Caroe founded Nordic House in 1962 in Oakland, CA. The business was later taken over by his daughter in 2000. Nordic House is a small family-run business that offers homemade specialty meats, herring, and also other imported goods. The majority of our products are imported from Scandinavia, mainly Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, along with a splash of German products.

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Fresh Authentic Foods

We offer homemade specialty meat and herring, fresh, authentic, and ridiculously good food that is prepared on-site. Our products not only include imported canned and prepackaged goods, but we also offer Meats, Cheese, Fish, Herring, Caviar, Chocolate, Licorice, and much more. We believe in providing exceptional service and an experience that exceeds your expectations.